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August 2017

August sizzles with excitement. The sun is out, and the temps are hot, hot, hot. Everyone is enjoying summer’s grand finale. Connecticut Parent Magazine makes sure you get the most out of the final month of summer vacation, while easing you into the new academic year. Whether your child is returning to a familiar school, or going to a new school for the first time, trading in these lazy summer days and the thought of the back-to-school routine can be stressful.

While August temps soar, it can be a good time to chill out! In this month’s issue, there are some ‘cool’ ideas, both inside and outdoors, to keep you and your kids busy when everyone has had too much sun. We share lots of ideas. When the outdoors gets too hot to handle, how about a refreshing glass of lemonade? When life hands you lemons, open up a lemonade stand and serve up a pitcher. We share a few great family recipes, pizza on the grill, and some yummy popcorn snacks to munch on while you snuggle in for a movie marathon.

Kids might complain, but parents’ ‘most wonderful time of the year’ is close at hand. While it’s fun to shop for new school supplies and clothes, getting back on schedule could make you, and your kids, frazzled. We share some tips to help your family prepare for the new school year. The Danbury Library offers the perfect solution to calm the back-to-school jitters; they share some terrific picture books that address common back-to-school fears.

Check out the article on Montessori education this month. You may be surprised to find out how it meets a child’s needs in many ways. And our enrichment story, we put the spotlight on Dance. Did you know that dance is both a sport and a multi-sensory art form? There are great benefits to this activity you can learn about in: Give Dance a Chance.

A rite of passage for all children is a visit from the tooth fairy. Whether it’s the first loose tooth or the last molar, you’ll get a chuckle over one dad’s late night tooth fairy adventure. And lastly, because you’ll want to make August truly awesome, check out our Family Fun Calendar. It ‘s full great activities and events the whole family will love.

Enjoy these last “dog days” of summer, before life gets too ”ruff!”


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