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November 2015

The first thing you think about when November rolls around is Thanksgiving, and that is one holiday that we can all appreciate! We can be grateful for lots of other things this month, too. Sports lovers are in their glory with both football and the winter sports heating up! The weather is still cooperating, so outdoor fun equals family time. Yet, everyone can cozy up to the fire with some hot chocolate when the sun and the temps go down. Connecticut Parent Magazine is thankful for all of our readers and has put together a November issue filled with a cornucopia of ideas and information.

Feasts, festivities and parties all go hand-in-hand. Welcome to our semi-annual Party Spectacular. Want to make your child’s birthday party extra special? We’ve got everything you need to create a day to remember from inflatables, to magicians, rock climbing, exotic animals and more.

This time of year also heralds the beginning of the holiday season. If you are looking to start a new family tradition, or want to checkout some yuletide favorites, don’t miss Holiday Happenings! Travel around the state and beyond for some magical family fun. Nutcrackers, A Christmas Carol, Rudolph, Santa, train rides, museums and more are waiting for you and your family. So, ho, ho, hop in your car and get started!  

While you are in a celebratory mood, discover some turkey-inspired crafts to get the fun going. Let your kids into the kitchen so they can become your sous chefs and Thanksgiving prep becomes a snap! Bountiful harvests abound this time of year; but, did you know you can share your family’s abundance of skills and talents, too? Generosity and giving comes in all shapes and sizes! While we are talking about blessings, November is National Adoption Month. Hear from one mom as she experienced the ups and downs of sharing her love and adding her daughter to her life — something she will be forever grateful for. 

Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving, and a great start to your holiday season.


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