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May 2019

May is a great month with a couple of great holidays, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Before, between and after, you’ll have fun enjoying all that spring has to offer. You always knew your mom did a lot — but until you became a mom yourself you didn’t quite appreciate all of her sacrifices. In our May issue, we share some apps that make the job of parenting a little easier. And, if you’ve ever wondered why you were the way you are, or why your kids act a certain way — it might be as simple as birth order. See what being the oldest or youngest says about you.

There are all different ways to parent where you have to make decisions based on what kind of support system you have in place and circumstances. One thing that is always difficult is letting your baby have the freedom to go exploring without you constantly saying “no.” By allowing them to discover their surroundings, they will gain confidence and resilience, becoming a little more adventurous the older they get. If your little one does get into a pickle and becomes upset, there are some calming phrases that you can repeat to reduce her anxiety.

The number one life skill that all kids should learn is actually two skills in one — focus and self control. Conquering both of these will help kids throughout life. However, if you have a child with special needs, this may be difficult. To help kids out, ‘Accessibility for All’ features 11 Fairfield County attractions that make accommodations for guests with challenges. Another wonderful thing that you can do as a family is to volunteer. Find a cause that you all embrace, and your kids will develop a love of helping others.

As the weather warms up, it’s time to think about outdoor family fun. Dust off those bikes; cycling is a great way to spend quality time together. If you prefer to gather up your sand toys and head to the beach, it’s important to know that open water swimming poses that are unique and different challenges than being in a pool. Be aware and be safe.

Always ready to party, this issue features the semi-annual Party Showcase, so you can plan all of your festivities in style. With Memorial Day, graduations and the warmer weather, party season is getting into full swing. Check out the semi-annual Party Showcase that’s filled with great venues, ideas and entertainment that will have everyone buzzing.

Talk about buzzing, the Guilford Free Library is winging it with great books about bees and butterflies. While nature is on your mind, there’s still time to find the right day camp that you and your kids will both love.

Make sure you make use of the marvelous May family fun calendar. Want some Mother’s Day fun? Looking for a Memorial Day parade? It’s all here and then some. Have a great month, and Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who serve our country.    


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