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September 2016

September means back-to-school time, and parents all over are doing a happy dance. But don’t let kids fool you, the lazy days of summer were getting boring, and even THEY were looking forward to getting back into the swing of familiar routines. This month, Connecticut Parent Magazine is filled with tips and ideas on how to make this transition a smooth one for the whole family.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the new school year; but if you set up Command Central, and use some organizational tricks, you can keep everything on track. While you’re using your “Master Mom Calendar,” be wary of over-scheduling your kids. They need some down-time, too! And your kids shouldn’t be the only ones heading to school. Becoming a PTO volunteer is a win-win for you, the school and your child.

In this day and age, the costs of child care, and child rearing in general, are going up, up, up. To help with these financial burdens, grandparents are stepping up to offer assistance to ease the monetary strain. Learn how to graciously accept their help, while still maintaining control over your child’s upbringing — and showing mom and dad how much you appreciate them.

One thing that often hits a sour note with both parents and kids is practicing a musical instrument. Getting your child to sit down and put in some serious time is usually accompanied by nagging, fights and even tears. But don’t despair. You’ll be singing a different tune when you discover some tricks and games that you can play to make practice time harmonious.

This year, kids are going to be bombarded with election news. They won’t be able to avoid politics — it’s always on TV, and probably being talked about in the classroom and on the playground. But this year’s campaign doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Politics can teach kids a lot of life lessons, and you can check out some helpful tips to make the next few months winners.

One little known fact is that September 22 is Elephant Appreciation Day! The Henry Carter Hull Library in Clinton highlights a trunkful of books, so everyone can celebrate these amazing pachyderms! Even though life just became very hectic, save time for some adventures! Check out the Family Fun Calendar with lots of great activities for everyone to enjoy. Here’s to a new school year, making new friends and lots of memories.


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