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Who doesn’t love a pop-up book?
By Deborah Roe

Who doesn’t love a pop-up book?  There’s just something so exciting about witnessing a two-dimensional page suddenly transform into three dimensions. In fact, adults have been exploring the wonders of moveable books since Medieval times! The first books with moving parts involved vovelles — which were paper disks that rotated around a grommet. Later, moveable books included pull-out tabs, pop-ups and pop-outs and transformations (books with vertical slats used to create scene changes).

Moveable books had been in existence for nearly 500 years before people realized that children could enjoy and benefit from them. According to a recent study, using pop-up books to study a subject can result in a 70% increase in retention of the material.

In 1771, the first moveable book for children was created. During the 1800s and early 1900s, considered the Golden Age of children’s literature, more and more of these books came into being. Today, of course, there are hundreds of wonderful pop-ups available!

While most books can be checked out of your local library, moveable books may be the exception. Their unique, detailed nature makes them quite accident prone as eager little hands pull and prod — and even tear. They are not suited to the heavy use that library books receive. Purchase these books and then teach your children how to gently use them. It is a good idea to go through the book ahead of time and unstick any finicky parts. Ditch the tablet for a while and enjoy a real, tactile experience — engaging the brain in multiple ways!

For Toddlers and Preschoolers:

The Wide-Mouthed Frog
by Keith Faulkner & Jonathan Lambert
This version of a traditional tale is full of pop-up surprises as a curious wide-mouthed frog goes from animal to animal asking what each eats.

Is That You Wolf?
by Steve Cox
This toy book is a wonderful one to share snuggled up with your child. Little Piglet is certain he sees a wolf.  The reader slides a hand into pockets to feel what might be wolf claws, teeth and fur.

Color Surprises: A Pop-Up Book
by Chuck Murphy
Brightly colored flaps invite children to guess what might pop out or slide from behind each.

Brush Your Teeth Please
by Leslie McGuire & Jean Pidgeon
This is a great book to inspire good dental hygiene. Children help a bear, a chimpanzee, a hippo and a lion brush their teeth.  They will giggle as they help the shark floss his!

by Ed Vere
Follow this little chick as he breaks out of his egg, cheeps, pecks and even poops!

For Older Children:

Beautiful Oops
by Barney Saltzberg
This unique offering encourages readers to turn their little mistakes into beautiful pieces of art. A paper tear becomes the mouth of a crocodile, a coffee stain becomes the mud that a frog enjoys and so on.

Animal Pop!
by National Geographic
Children of all ages love the giant photos of animals that pop out of this book. For older children, the book is also loaded with interesting facts on pandas, tigers, wolves and other favorites.

Also, be sure to check out books by pop-up artists Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda.

Happenings at the Windsor Public Library

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All summer long, enjoy exciting, science-related programs such as Kitchen Chemistry, Music Mondays, Popcorn Storytime and more!

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Deborah Roe is the head of children’s services at the Windsor Public Library.



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