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Get Lost in a Fantasy World
by Margaret Mennone

By December, the holiday season is in full swing, and for many children the winter is a magical time. Magic is frequently found in children’s literature and reading a fantasy book can take a child away to a place where anything is possible. From a book where everyone has magical abilities, to one where kids find mythological creatures in their grandparents’ backyard, these recommendations will have your child wishing magic were real.


A Tangle of Knots
by Lisa Graff

In a world where everyone has a particular talent (kind of like a special power), an orphan named Cady can bake the perfect cake for any person. One day she is adopted by a man who lives above the “Lost Luggage Emporium” at the same time a family with three children moves in. The evil owner of the store downstairs is stealing people’s talents, and readers will be taken on a journey to see how all of the pieces of this story fit together. Each chapter focuses on a different character and recipes for yummy cakes are interspersed throughout. This book will delight fans of mysteries and cake, and is recommended for ages 7-12.


The Storm Makers
by Jennifer E. Smith

Ruby and Simon are twins who have moved to the middle of nowhere and have started to grow apart. Simon develops a dangerous fever that coincides with weird weather patterns. When Ruby discovers a stranger hanging around their family farm, he says that Simon is not sick, but developing into a Storm Maker, a person who can control the weather. A secret organization of people with these powers is led by an evil man who wants to use Simon’s powers to help him destroy the world. Ruby wants to help her brother use his powers for good, but first he’ll have to learn to control them. For kids who enjoy thunderstorms and super powers, this book is recommended for ages 7-12.


How to Catch a Bogle
by Catherine Jinks

Birdie is a “bogler’s girl,” or apprentice, to a man who kills bogles in Victorian London. Her sweet singing voice lures the monsters out of hiding, and the man, Alfred Bunce, destroys them. When orphaned pickpocket boys start to disappear, Alfred investigates to see if bogles are responsible. A wealthy folklorist named Miss Eames becomes interested in learning about the trade and the creatures. She begins to follow along on the bogling missions trying to help them get to the bottom of it. This book is great for fans of historical fiction and mysteries, and is recommended for ages 8-12.


Keeper of the Lost Cities
by Shannon Messenger

Twelve-year-old Sophie has been raised as a human her whole life, but she could always tell she wasn’t like everyone else. When she discovers that she’s really an elf with telepathic abilities, she travels to the elf world and joins her people to attend the prestigious Foxfire School and hone her skills. Once she’s there, Sophie discovers that she is part of a conspiracy within the elf world. She must hide many secrets and get along with the other students to discover who she really is. Sophie just may be the “chosen one” of the prophecy, like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson! Fans of those books would enjoy this one, and it’s recommended for ages 8-13.


by Brandon Mull

While staying with their grandparents for a few weeks, Kendra and Seth discover that their house was built on a preserve for mythological creatures. The menagerie has fairies, satyrs, imps, witches and more. Their grandpa warns of scary beings out in the woods and a terrifying night during the summer solstice when evil creatures run amok. When the kids get tricked into letting evil beings into the house, they have to join together to try to figure out how to fix their mistake. For fans of adventure and magical animals of all kinds, this book is recommended for ages 9-14.


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Margaret Mennone is Assistant Children’s Librarian at the Bristol Public Library.




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