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Kids Are Born to Create!
by Vida Lashgari

Many schools and libraries are embracing the Maker movement. You might have heard about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) initiatives, which include these topics across the curriculum. As a parent, you can enjoy STEM activities at home and by visiting libraries and museums where STEM related activities are being presented. Tinkering is a wonderful place to start, even with young preschoolers. Just provide them with a variety of materials, and let them create. It’s important to let them get frustrated and make mistakes, without correction, so they can regroup and try again. Making mistakes is when growth occurs, along with learning.

Read about the Maker movement and about people making discoveries through trial and error. The following titles help explore these themes:

Beautiful Oops!
by Barney Saltzberg
This children’s book is a perfect introduction for young children about the positive sides of making a mistake. It includes fun flaps, lots of colors and humor!

LEO The Maker Prince: Journeys in 3D Printing
by Carla Diana
Leo the Maker Prince teaches children about 3D printing by following Carla and LEO’s journey through Brooklyn. LEO is a walking, talking robot who has the ability to print, in plastic, any object that Carla draws. A little advanced for younger makers, but, if you are going to see a 3D printer in action, this is a great book to read beforehand.

I Love Tools
by Philemon Sturges
This is an informative preschool book for both boys and girls. Readers are introduced to the various tools used in woodworking and learn what these tools do. In the end, the children are delighted that the tools they used created a home for their feathered friends. Kids will love the great, bold illustrations.

Henry’s Map
by David Elliot
This is a great book so children can understand the need to be aware of their surroundings, and it’s also a terrific introduction to maps. These concepts are important, and there are many ways to use this book with your pre-schooler or kindergartener. You can begin by mapping your home, then progress to your neighborhood and the route to school.

The Book With No Pictures
by B.J. Novak
For grades K-2 (and everyone else!). This read aloud book fits in perfectly with the Maker mind-set. Totally thinking ‘outside the box,’ Novak has created a humorous and engaging narrative through a picture book with no pictures. Although there are no concrete visuals, he is able to have listeners form images in their heads. Not to miss!


Visit the Farmington Libraries

The Farmington Libraries have many programs for kids of all ages. Don’t miss our Maker Fair on Sunday, March 29 from 1-4 p.m. Along with the introduction of our 3D printer, we will have sessions, classes and demos for all ages. Find out about LittleBits, learn to solder, race a LEGO® car, make a soft circuit bookmark, learn to knit and do a stop action claymation animation video. We will also unveil our high school/library collaborative project at that time!

Please refer to our website to register as needed and to peruse the offerings the libraries have for you. Our programs range from infants, school age, tweens, teens and adults.

The Farmington Libraries have two locations in Farmington. The main library is located at 6 Monteith Drive; and the Barney Library is located at 71 Main Street.

For more information, call the main library at 860-673-6791, ext. 1, or the Barney Library at 860-673-6791, ext. 2 or visit

Vida Lashgari is the Assistant Director of the Children’s and Branch Services at The Farmington Libraries.



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