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Gather Some Books to Celebrate the Harvest Season
by Karen Giugno

In a time of epidemic childhood obesity, chefs, educators, and parents across the country are working together to reconnect children with what they eat. Healthy eating begins when a child’s knowledge and hands-on experiences move them toward a new relationship with food. The following list of picture and informational books for children centered on the harvest will offer kids a connection to healthy food and to the rich world of edible, growing things!

We Gather Together: Celebrating the Harvest Season

by Wendy Pfeffer
The fall equinox signals the time of year when we gather our harvests and give thanks for their bounty. With accessible, lyrical prose and vibrant illustrations, this nonfiction picture book explains the science behind autumn and the social history of harvest-time celebrations.

Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden

by George Levenson
It’s a circle without end which goes from pumpkin seeds to pumpkins, and then back to pumpkin seeds again. This charming picture book is fully dressed in the colors of fall. The glowing photographs and catchy verse show a backyard pumpkin patch move through its natural cycle.

Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin

by Tad Hills
Duck and Goose are looking for the perfect pumpkin. Is it in the log? Is it under the leaves? Is it in the apple tree? Young children will surely enjoy going on a pumpkin hunt with Duck and Goose...especially when they find the perfect pumpkin at the end!


by Cynthia Rylant
Newbery Medalist Cynthia Rylant’s rich and poignant story, powerfully illustrated by Lauren Stringer, will resonate deeply in the hearts of readers, who just might find that there is more to know about scarecrows than we realize.

The Apple Pie That Papa Baked

by Lauren Thompson
Illustrated in complimentary folk-art style, the affection shared by a father and daughter is evident as the father lovingly prepares a treat for his daughter along with several tag-along farm animals as they pick the apples and prepare the pie together, culminating in a sweet conclusion as they head back to the apple tree for a picnic to be shared by all.

One Red Apple

by Harriet Ziefert
Follow the life cycle of an apple: from fruit growing on the tree to market, to picnic, to seed, to sapling and tree, and finally to a new apple. This simple, joyful book with radiant illustrations introduces readers to the amazing and delectable way the earth provides food.

Applesauce Season

by Eden Ross Lipson
When the first apples of the season — Ida Red and Paula Red, Twenty Ounce, McIntosh, and Ginger Gold — show up in the city markets, it’s time to take out the big pot and make applesauce. Eden Lispon’s lovingly recounted description of a family’s applesauce-making ritual describes the buying, peeling, cooking and stirring; the wait for the sauce to cool and the first taste.

Pick a Circle, Gather Squares: A Fall Harvest of Shapes

by Felicia Chemesky
Fall is here, with all its wonderful colors, and shapes. This fun concept book follows a family on a trip to pick out a pumpkin and children can pick out shapes — apple bushel circles, square hay bales, diamond kites in the autumn sky.


by Jacqueline Farmer
Farmer introduces the pumpkin plant — its anatomy, growth cycle, and historical importance with bright watercolor-and-pencil illustrations. Children are carving a pumpkin, toasting the seeds, and making a pie.


by Ken Robbins
In photo-essay style, Ken Robbins follows the pumpkin cycle from seed, to sprout, to flower, to fully grow vegetable, and then back again. Carving instructions to safely carve a Jack-O-Lantern are even provided. The simple but engaging text accompanies beautiful photographs of the harvest season. The pencil drawing with watercolor wash embellish the information that children will find interesting. Related activities are also provided.

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Karen Giugno is the Children’s Librarian and Assistant Director at the Acton Public Library in Old Saybrook.


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