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All Kinds of Love
by Angelina Carnevale

February is the month to celebrate love! I’ve collected a few recent books that show how many different forms love can take — family love, romantic love, self-love, friendship love and love of love itself.

Love is My Favorite Thing
by Emma Chichester Clark
This is an adorable story about a dog named Plum who loves many things — chasing a ball, snuggling with his pet parents, playing with other dogs. But most of all, he loves LOVE. Sometimes, though, he gets so excited about the things he loves that he can’t help but misbehave. Will his parents still love him when he’s bad? The pictures and words work together to take you on a journey full of simple but powerful emotions that any child can relate to.

Stella Brings the Family
by Miriam B. Schiffer
Stella’s class is having a Mother’s Day celebration, but Stella doesn’t have a mother to invite. Other classmates have moms, grandmas and aunts to bring as their special guests, but Stella only has her two dads. In this book, children learn that it doesn’t matter what your family looks like as long as they love you.

My Grandparents
by Claudia Harrington
This book is one in a set called “My Family” in which different types of families are explored through the simple plot of the school’s paper sending a student reporter home to profile the Student of the Week. We’re introduced to families of various ethnic backgrounds and blends, including My Two Moms, My Two Dads, My Grandparents, My Military Mom, My Mom & Dad and My Two Homes. These types of books are important to show all children that their family makeup is perfectly normal.

Papa’s Backpack
by James Christopher Carroll
A young bear imagines he’s riding in his papa’s backpack and wishing he could go with him. The repetitive rhymes in this story reinforce the love of a child for his father who is a soldier and must go away sometimes.

I’ll Never Let You Go
by Marianne Richmond
Edward loves his blankie and he never wants to let it go. He wonders if his blankie will still love him when he goes to school for the first time. Edward’s mother explains that just like Edward still loves his mamma when they’re apart, his blankie will still love him, and just like Edward’s momma, will be there to greet him when he gets home.

Love Monster and the Perfect Present
by Rachel Bright
Just like the first book, Love Monster, we learn through a simple story and bold illustrations all about love. In the original, Love Monster looks everywhere for someone to love, but only when he isn’t looking does he find it. In this second book, Love Monster wants to give his Special Someone the perfect present, but doesn’t have the money to buy anything nice. He comes up with the idea to make something instead, showing that a gift from the heart is the perfect present for the one you love.

Little Elliot Big Family
by Mike Curato
Elliot gets lonely when Mouse leaves for a family reunion … does Mouse miss Elliot too? This is a great story about an elephant and a mouse who prove that family doesn’t have to be related to you; they can simply be the ones who love you.

by Alex Gino
When George’s 4th grade class puts on its annual production of Charlotte’s Web, George and best friend Kelly hatch a plan to get George on stage as Charlotte, to try and convince George’s mother and the world that George is actually a girl, and that her name is Melissa. Learning to love yourself for who you are and helping others do the same is an important message for all ages, told beautifully but realistically in this chapter book.

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Angelina Carnevale is the head of children’s services at the Guilford Free Library.



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