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Rainy Days are for Reading
by Elizabeth Portillo

April brings school breaks, spring holidays and you guessed it — showers. What better time than a rainy day to curl up and read aloud? Reading one-on-one or in a small group can be a fun indoor activity for everyone. Whether you’re a pro at making each character have their own funny voice, or you’re looking for books with more interactive noises and songs, there’s something for everyone. Here are the best kid-approved books for reading aloud, filled with funny noises, voices and songs to sing along.

The Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen is always a favorite. It’s the story of a gloomy fish who always pouts until one fish turns his frown upside down! The repetition and rhyming provide a rhythm that will have kids reading along with you. This book provides a great opportunity to try out different voices for all of the different fish encountered.

I Am a Cat by Galia Bernstein is a new book that I’ve already put at the top of my read-aloud lists. Simon, the gray housecat, is determined to convince all the wild cats that he, too, is a cat just like them. Large cats of all different types take turns telling Simon just why he is NOT a cat. Each cat provides a new chance to try out a funny voice, while teaching children that large or small, all cats are part of the same family.

Click Clack Moo and Doreen Cronin’s other tales of Farmer Brown and his animals, are always a crowd pleaser. The animals are once again up to no good as they begin using the old typewriter to leave silly demands for Farmer Brown. The repetitive “Click Clack Moo” is hilarious any way you say it — always prompting a laugh from kids.
Groovy Joe’s Dance Party Countdown is Eric Litwin’s newest book, following the success of his widely popular Pete the Cat books. Groovy Joe is having a dance party when slowly more and more dogs come to rock with him. He shares his space and dances with them! Kids will catch on to the repetitive song right away and fall in love with Groovy Joe’s tunes of kindness and sharing. The good news is this is a new series with two books out and more expected!

Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein is the last book on this list, but one that holds a special place in this librarian’s heart. This was the first book that I read where funny character voices came out as I was reading to a group of kids. A story within a story, Papa Chicken begins reading bedtime stories to Chicken, who keeps interrupting and spoiling the ending. This has become my favorite book to read aloud, as Papa Chicken takes on one voice and Chicken takes on another.

Regardless of which book is the one to bring out your own funny voices, these books are sure to bring out some smiles and giggles!

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Elizabeth Portillo is the Children’s/Teen Librarian at Easton Public Library.





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