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September 2017

September has arrived — you can feel it in the air! The kids are back in school, and the lazy days of summer are now cherished memories. The heat and humidity have given way to cool breezes, and yes, even sweaters and hoodies are coming out of the closet. Even though you’re back in your school-time routine, leave some time for that extra special fall fun. Connecticut Parent Magazine is here to help you get organized and back on track — leaving you plenty of time for family adventure!

September is filled with festivals and fairs from one corner of the state to the other. This will keep you busy every weekend, and then some. Thrill seekers will love the midway rides, animal lovers can visit with winning livestock, don’t miss the shows, entertainment, demos, contests and, of course, all that glorious fair food! Use the handy fair and festival guide to help you map out your favorites, grab a corn dog and hit the coasters! If you want to try something a little closer to home, you can’t get more convenient than staying in your neighborhood and planning a block party. After a busy summer, it’s great to gather your friends and reconnect with the people next door. Get some tips, rain or shine, to make the summer last just a little longer.  

It’s back to school, and it seems like kids are bringing home more and more homework. Don’t despair. It’s an important part of the learning process, and with a few helpful hints, you can avoid the nightly “did you do your homework?” struggle.
When your kids head into the classroom, either returning or for the first time, you may discover that they are facing learning challenges. Kids learn in different ways, and you can help them avoid frustration and anxiety by looking into special programs and schools that will give them the confidence to achieve success now and in the future.

We bring you a plethora of material for September. We know children’s interests and activities are as different as they are. How do you decide whether sports, piano, dance or gymnastics would be the perfect fit for your youngster? Find just the right enrichment program that your child will love. And there’s more to love in this issue, from bringing calm to the “what am I going wear today” challenge to this month’s book column compliments of the Milford Public Library who have put together some great literary suggestions.

In between school, soccer and homework, there’s still plenty of time to go out and explore. Check out the Family Fun Calendar and make September a month to remember. We wish our Jewish readers a very happy, healthy and sweet new year.  


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