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May 2018

May is a marvelous month. And busy. Spring has finally sprung, moms get the acknowledgement and appreciation that they deserve, and Memorial Day with its parades and barbecues is the official start of summer. The warm weather puts you in a happy mood so we are on top of things with our semi-annual Party Spectacular. Summer is a great season to celebrate.

Moms, it’s wonderful to be honored and feel that all the time, attention, love and care that you give to your family is noticed. But, when it comes to gifts, what do you really want? A good guess is that it would be something from the heart — homemade and expressing unconditional love. Don’t sit around and wait to be “gifted.” Treat yourself to something special, whether it’s a spritz of cream in your latte, a good laugh, flowers or just some time to flip through a magazine — you deserve it.

May is Bike Safety Month. Make sure your kids ride in style, with all the bells and whistles (and helmets) to keep their big wheels rolling merrily along. This is also the season we are getting the kids ready, packing them up and sending them off to camp. This can be an anxious time — especially for you. The kids will do great, but how can you keep your emotions under control?

What about spending some quality time with your kids in the garden? Dig up some fun together and plant a garden filled with veggies, herbs and flowers. It’s great fun to share the joy of watching the fruits of your labor blossom.

Friendships, for both children and adults, are the perfect “blendship.” Did you know having good friends could reduce stress and increase your lifespan? Now, that’s what friends are for! Another way to reduce stress is to cut the chaos in your life and get organized. Getting your act together is as easy as getting a planner, personalizing it (for fun and efficiency), categorizing your to-dos and the best part — checking things off.

The semi-annual Party Spectacular is here with lots of different ideas for entertainment, venues and vendors to match any theme and personality. Birthday shindigs, graduation soirees and everything in between are right around the corner. Don’t give another ho-hum event. Do something unique and stupendous. Make this year’s celebration one to remember.

There’s a royal wedding taking place in London this month, so it’s the perfect time for some magical books. The Avon Public Library has come up with some regal reads that will enthrall your princess or prince. And, be ready to salute our veterans; check out the Family Fun Calendar for a list of Memorial Day parades that will be marching through your town.

Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Memorial Day, enjoy those burgers and dogs — we are all ready for summer to begin!


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