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September 2019

September is a mixed bag. The air is getting cooler, sweaters are coming out of the closet, school is starting, sports are ramping up and autumn is right around the corner. Everything feels crisp and new. To parents it is a welcome time of the year as children go back to school. For kids it means the loss of summer freedom. Whatever category you fall into, September signifies change. Whether you’re looking to ease into the school routine, find ways to make this year the best for your kids or looking for the perfect family outing, you can now look at September as a new beginning instead of just the end of summer. 

 Back-to-school is on everyone’s mind. If you think of educating your child like a building under construction, then the foundation for success begins with reading. That sets the stage for a strong framework for all subjects, including math. When kids head out the door, they’re filled with new hopes for the year. But when the excitement wears off, you can help them maintain a positive attitude through all the ups and downs they may face. And, while your kids are buying their supplies, the teachers also spend a lot of their own money to make the classroom a welcoming learning environment. See what teachers need most and what you can do to help.

While you’re organizing your child’s fall enrichment programs, it’s important to remember to include some down time. Listen to your kids, and make sure they have opportunities for enriching opportunities as well as some unstructured time. It’s a proven fact that kids who participate in extracurricular activities do better academically. Read through the Enrichment Guide to pick out the perfect program for your child.

However, not all kids skip happily off to school. When your child’s grumbling becomes a crippling anxiety, learn about your educational rights. Students with autism can also suffer from anxiety. But, don’t despair — there’s help. Clinical research at Yale can be beneficial for children who have both autism and anxiety. And if you are seeking any other supplemental help for your child, learn about your options in the Special Needs Showcase. But, what happens when your special needs young adult is ready to leave home after high school? Learn how you can help prepare him for this transition.  

We have posted our August Montessori showcase on this site. Another educational philosophy is Waldorf education. Educators cultivate empathy and prepare students to take responsibility for their role in society so they can contribute to positive change. There are different methods to stimulate learning. We have some interesting projects you can do at home. Things will really sizzle with these fun, STEAM activities. Learn about mushrooms, butterflies and pumpkins, oh my!

Fall means the days are getting shorter. It’s time to cuddle up with a good book or two or three. The Hamden Public Library shares some great reads that celebrate the wonders of all the seasons.  One of the best things about fall is that football time is here. Whether you’re at the stadium or in your living room, have fun and make entertaining easier with these helpful hints. And, of course, what would fall be without all of the fairs?  Find your favorite in the Family Fun Calendar, along with lots of other autumn activities.
Happy back-to-school time, and for those that celebrate Rosh Hashana, a healthy, happy and sweet new year.


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