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Brunswick School
Edwards Campus
1252 King Street
Greenwich, CT 06830


  The Brunswick Sports Camp, now in its 80th year, will continue to develop and improve the athletic skills of children, ages 5-12. This camp is designed for the travel athlete as well as the first timer with a curriculum that gives campers core and recreational sports, with over 10 hours of athletic instruction and participation in games. Each camper will have a chance to win fun, daily competitions and opportunities to participate in recreational games, including badminton, speedball, handball, flag football, four-square and more. Your child will also learn good sportsmanship while learning the fundamentals. Daily swim instruction will take place in the Brunswick Natatorium. Camp runs June 15–July 17, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Choose from 3 options:

All-League: First-time players, ages 5 and 6 (broken up by ability, not age), will be instructed individually in small group settings — receiving a total of two hours of instruction and three hours of games per day in primary sports.


All-County: First-time players as well as advanced-beginners ages 7, 8, and 9. These players may already be participating in town or league sports and are continuing to develop basic skills by applying them in game play. They will receive a total of two hours of instruction, three hours of games per day in primary sports and round-robin tournaments weekly.


All-State: For ages 10, 11 and 12. These athletes are looking to play in middle school or on a competitive town or travel team. With a mix of first-time sport players, these young athletes have already developed the solid skills to play competitive sports. They will receive 1.5 hours of instruction, play instructional games for one hour and play 2-3 hours of round-robin tournament games in the primary sport of the day.


All three camps, children will become comfortable with the primary sports, learn to ask questions and have opportunities to speak with current varsity athletes, coaches and special guests.

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