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CELC Middle School
28 School Street
Branford, CT 06405




Melinda Alcosser


Maria Mortali

Middle school years, when done well, shape a person’s future in vital ways and are a key to success in high school and beyond.  


Claim this time of life for what it is, when a person is becoming and forming into one’s self.

Since 2009 CELC continues to successfully address these critical and pivotal middle school years, allowing them to be transformational ones, leading to sturdiness and accomplishment.

CELC students truly thrive, not just survive these middle school years.

CELC is designed as an intentional learning community.  Each day includes building valuable skills to interact effectively, with kindness, with care, with support for one another.


Academics are taught with each student in mind.  Personalized attention means a student does not feel rushed but rather gets questions answered in real time, mindfully and with purpose toward self-discovery.

Education happens both within and beyond the walls of the classroom.  CELC brings students into the world on a regular basis; each week brings a new adventure. Authentic experience engages and motivates students each day.  Being outdoors and out in the world gives opportunities to bring real learning to life in meaningful ways.

Imagine the Middle School Years

… where your child excels socially and academically, not retreats or hides,

… personalized to your child’s individual learning style,

… where each student understands not what to learn, but how to learn,

… as joyful, exciting, and boundless,

… transformational to your child’s future.

It happens here. There is such a school.


If you want your child to thrive, not just survive these middle school years, contact CELC today - this is no time to wait or hope to find these years again - the time is now to make the most of middle school!


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