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Cold Spring School
263 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06513


Transformative Middle School Education Happens Here!

A real success story, CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) Middle School of Branford builds resilient and competent students who are ready and eager to take on challenges of high school and beyond, as inquisitive learners and compassionate citizens of the world.

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Students come from a variety of towns throughout Connecticut, from families looking for a program that engages and deepens learning, where their children thrive during these important and pivotal 5th-8th grade years.

CELC’s unique format combines small classes with many real-world and hands-on experiences. Students receive one-on-one contact with teachers, peer support systems, exciting adventures that vary from week to week, and ongoing relationships with community organizations and professionals in a variety of fields, all within a learning community built on the principles of respect and integrity. CELC is designed to purposefully allow a young person the chance to pause and reflect, to learn to communicate, to relate with one another in conscious and meaningful ways.

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Designed to make education personal and meaningful, CELC students meet and greet the real world each day as part of their learning. This strong foundation challenges and builds independence, creates resilience and willingness to try. Incredible growth occurs, lives are transformed, and discovery of one’s potential becomes what is possible – resulting in the self-confident and capable people for which the CELC reputation is known.


In keeping with best practices for adolescent learners, considerable attention is given to connecting individual curricular areas to overarching themes. Students explore essential questions that unite broad areas of knowledge, relate historical concepts and trends to current events and their own experiences, refine their research and writing skills and have opportunities to work both independently and cooperatively. Math, Science, Language Arts, U.S. History and Current Events are integrated with, and enriched by, curriculum in the areas of Environmental Studies and Leadership Training, Peace Studies, Music, Art, Drama, Cooking, and Service Learning.

Some of CELC’s achievements: 100% acceptance rate into first-choice high schools, students entering high school enroll in Honors and AP classes, receive honors grades or better, can self-advocate and easily approach and interact with instructors, are curious and ready to ask questions, know how to embrace mistakes as opportunities to learn!


Academically Rich Real-world Learning — CELC Middle School of Branford provides an energizing, personalized, and significant middle school experience.


Come see CELC in action — A Middle School That Makes a Difference


Monday Tours 9:45 -11 a.m. (by appointment) 28 School Street, Branford
RSVP or 203-433-4658

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