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Our Children's Bookshelf is updated each month with a curated list of exciting reads, compiled by a trusted librarian from one of Connecticut's invaluable public libraries.  

Children's Bookshelf - August 2020

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Graphic Novels Galore
by Emily Mills

In the past, graphic novels have often been given a bad rap with many not seeing them as “real books.” This couldn’t be further from the truth! Yes, graphic novels are full of pictures, but those images serve to teach children critical thinking, grab the attention of reluctant readers, bring the story to life and so much more. Graphic novels are excellent tools for teaching visual literacy in our increasingly visual society and, most importantly, they attract young readers like bees to honey. Below are some recently released graphic novels, sure to appeal to children of all ages.



by Katie O'Neill

Join Dewdrop the axolotl and his friends as they get ready for the pond’s annual sports fair! As Dewdrop’s friends prepare to show off their skills, they start to feel pressure to be the best. It’s up to Dewdrop to help them learn to take their time, try their hardest and simply enjoy the experience. (Ages 4-7)

Baloney and Friends.jpg

Baloney and Friends
by Greg Pizzoli

Children are sure to laugh at the silly adventures of Baloney and his friends as they participate in various shenanigans, such as learning magic and swimming. This graphic novel’s bite-size stories and character drawing lessons at the end will grab young readers’ attention. (Ages 5-8)

Once Upon a Space Time.jpg

Once Upon a Space Time

by Jeffrey Brown


Almost 200 years into the future, humans have made contact with aliens and are ready to send people to space to work with them. Not just any people though — children. After a series of wacky tests, students Jide and Petra are chosen and sent on their way for an interspecies collaboration, which leads to space antics and funny side characters galore! (Ages 8-12)


by Chad Sell


Doodles come to life in this story about a girl named Drew and Doodleville, the imaginary world she’s created in her sketchbook. Drew is used to her drawings coming off the page and into the real world, but when her latest creation, a Leviathan, becomes destructive she knows something must be wrong. Realizing that it is feeding off of her emotions, Drew must accept her friends’ support as they work together to save the day. (Ages 8-12)

stepping stones.jpg

Stepping Stones
by Lucy Knisley


Moving from the big city to a small country farm is not easy for Jen after her parents’ divorce. Not to mention the fact that she is now stuck living with her mom’s new boyfriend and his two perfect daughters. As she settles in though, Jen begins to appreciate her new situation and family members, as she starts to finally feel like she might just fit right in. (Ages 9-13)

When Stars are Scattered.jpg

When Stars Are Scattered

by Victoria Jamieson & Omar Mahamed


With the help of acclaimed graphic novelist, Victoria Jamieson, Somalian refugee Omar Mohamed tells his story of growing up at Dadaab, a refugee camp in Kenya, with his younger, nonverbal brother Hassan. Omar is used to working hard to take care of himself and his brother, but when a camp leader encourages him to start school he begins to hope and dream of a better life for his family. This important story gives incredible insight into the difficulties of life at a refugee camp, and will have readers running to research how they can help. (Ages 9-13)

the okay witch.jpg

The Okay Witch
by Emma Steinkellner


Surprise! When 13-year-old Moth discovers that she’s half witch she gets pulled into a whirlwind adventure full of magic, secrets and even a talking cat. As she confronts various nemeses from bullies to witch hunters, Moth learns to control her magic and be brave. (Ages 10-14)

Events at the Cromwell Belden Public Library

There’s still time left to join the Cromwell Belden Public Library for our epic summer adventure! Children, teens and adults are invited to sign up online and complete 15 quests to become part of our magical Summer Reading Squad.   We may not be able to dance in person, but children are invited to join us for weekly Music & Movement on Facebook Live — Thursdays at 11:15 a.m.  


Stay tuned for more exciting virtual programs as the summer continues. Visit The Cromwell Belden Public Library is located at 41 West Street. For more information, call 860-632-3460. 


Emily Mills is the Children's Librarian at the Cromwell Belden Public Library.

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