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Our Children's Bookshelf is updated each month with a curated list of exciting reads, compiled by a trusted librarian from one of Connecticut's invaluable public libraries.  

Children's Bookshelf - November 2020

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Why Love Can't Wait Until Valentine's
by Clivel Charlton

 “What the world needs now is love sweet love, it's the only thing that there’s just too little of. What the world needs now is love sweet love. No, not just for some but for everyone”; lyrics from the timeless pop song by Dionne Warwick. Even Stevie Wonder can see that many of us are not being fair, do not like to share, and refuse to be kind. Where is the love? Where is cupid when we need him? Young children may not quite grasp what is happening around them yet, but they have an innate feeling that something is wrong. Children are observing how we interact with each other. They are hearing the discussions at the dinner table. They are seeing the frustration on their parents’ faces while they are watching the news. Our children are asking about the signs on neighbors’ lawns; the positive ones, and the destructive ones. Our kids are watching our actions, so maybe it is time for us grownups to act like adults. Let the children see us acting lovingly and peacefully. Let us show them that we can get along with each other. Let us give them a chance to learn to live with others. Love cannot wait until Valentine’s Day. The following books highlight love, kindness, sharing, and caring; these elements are prevalent in the books and reflect what humanity needs right now. Our children can benefit from these books.  

Speak Up.jpg

Speak Up
by Miranda Paul

Speak Up by Miranda Paul. When something matters, one voice can make a difference. Speak Up is a colorful and vibrant picture book with diverse characters, who are not afraid to speak up to make things better for others. In the last two pages of the book, kids can learn about real children who spoke up and made a difference. This is one of the best picture books of 2020. “Speak up! Let others know.”

friendship book.jpg

The Friendship Book

by Mary Lyn Ray


What does it mean to be a friend? What does it mean to have one? Find the answers to friendship in The Friendship Book. It recounts all the possible ways you could have a friend or form a friendship. This is an excellent book for introverts and extroverts alike; recommended for children of all ages. “There are old friends and new friends and always room for more friends.”

awesome book of love.jpeg

An Awesome Book
by Dallas Clayton


An Awesome Book of Love! Is an awesome book of love, written and illustrated by Dallas Clayton. This book contains poetic rhymes, colorful pictures, and artwork flowing from one page to another. “I love you! I love you! I will say it again. Tell all the strangers to tell all their friends.”

love by sofia.jpg

Love by Sofia

by Jim Averbeck


Sophia was asked by a teacher to draw something she loved. What she rendered was an abstract drawing of her interpretation of love, everyone was unable to see the love in her abstract painting. Neither her dad, her mom, her uncle, her imaginary friend, nor her Grandma could see the bigger picture. It took some convincing to open her Grandma’s eyes to see the love in her art, then everyone else saw that love was always present in her artwork. The art was then elevated from being on the refrigerator to a special location in the house. “A masterpiece.”

love stacy mcanulty.jpg


by Stacy McAnulty


Love can be found on almost every page. Children will learn how spreading a little love can go a long way. This book is very uplifting, awe-inspiring, and filled with wonderful prose. It is one of those irresistible books that you will be asked by kids to read over and over again. Love is even defined in sign language, forming heart shapes with hands and by craft. A truly timely book for 2020. “Because nothing else matters without love.”

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Clivel Charlton is the Head of Children’s and Teen Services at the Silas Bronson Library.

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