The brand-new American Girl Gift Trunk offers the ultimate gift box experience! Your custom-curated doll collection is filled with just-right items to fuel a girl’s imagination and aspirations. Includes a personalized, heartfelt letter from the gift giver. Gift trunks come with nearly 50 doll options, and two hand-picked play packs that include a story starter, plus an outfit and accessory, introductory paperpack book, ear piercing option for the doll, First Year Wellness Visit for her doll at the American Girl Doll Hospital, $10 AG Rewards Bonus and free shipping. All in a signature keepsake box constructed to last a lifetime. For ages 8 and up. Price starts at $238 and varies by product selection. Visit for more information.

Build your own adorable pet with My Robotic Pet

Tumbling Hedgehog. Assemble this 172-piece kit

to create a real robot. The built-in sound sensor

lets your pet react to different sounds. Clap once

and he’ll roll into a ball and tumble backwards. Clap

multiple times and he’ll tumble as many times as

you’ve clapped. Hedgehog’s LED eyes light up while

he scurries, rolls, spins and bristles his spines. While constructing the inner mechanical workings of this robot, your child will learn about gears, motors, sound sensors, LEDs and other components. For ages 7 and up. Available for $39.95. Visit for more information.

Become a LEGO® Star Wars™ BOOST Droid Commander as you build, code and play your way though challenging missions with amazing droids! Download the free LEGO BOOST app and build loveable droid R2-D2, a Gonk Droid and a Mouse Droid. Travel to Alderaan, the Death Star and loads more exciting locations in the app as you command your droids to solve more than 40 missions for the Rebel Alliance. Buildable props include rocket boosters, a catapult, a cake shooter, a target, color decoder, obstacles and many more. For ages 8 and up. Available for $199.99. Visit for more information.

Rock on! Kids can build their own cardboard guitar and make it electric, then add effects and produce their own tracks. The Electro Guitar Kit from Tech Will Save Us enables kids to creatively express themselves through music and learn how electrical charges create sound. Includes step-by-step animated instructions to build your guitar with three rubber band strings, and connect it to the amplifier. For ages 8 and up. Available for $34.99. For more information, visit

Air-Walker is a four-legged bot that uses an

ingenious system of suction cups and

pumps to crawl along smooth, vertical

surfaces, such as windows, seemingly

defying gravity. Your Air-Walker can crawl in a

straight line, to the left or to the right, while a

special mechanism makes the robot’s head

move back and forth as its body moves forward. A vacuum suction machine sticks to and lifts flat panels. Create a

robot with two suction cups and he’ll rotate around a central pivot point. This hands-on construction kit brings engineering and physics to life as it demonstrates the power of air pressure at work. For ages 8 and up. Available for $39.95. For more information, visit

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