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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Deep Sea Adventure.jpg

Deep Sea Adventure by Manhattan Toy wood activity center is packed full of exciting features! Includes 4 quadrants in the shape of a jellyfish with a variety of activities for baby: gliders, bead runs, spinning gears, springy coral and clacking clams. For ages 12 mos. and up. Available for $116 on

booty shaking llama.jpeg

Shake it like nobody's watching! ZURU Pets Alive Bonnie the Booty Shakin' Llama gets the entire family up dancing and laughing for hours! Featuring 3 NEW epic songs, NEW dance moves, and NEW rainbow fur, Bonnie is a colorful new addition to one of last year’s top toys. Rainbow Bonnie’s funky personality, vibrant colors, hilarious dance moves and 360 spins are sure to steal the dance floor! Robotic booty shaking and head spinning motions, combined with cute and realistic features make for a boppin’ good time! For ages 3 and up. Available for $19.99. Available at Amazon, Walmart and Target.

Little ones can learn to help the environment with the Blippi-Blippi Recycling Truck by Jazwares. Kids can place their exclusive Blippi recycling figure inside the free-wheeling truck to get ready to reduce, reuse and recycle. Features seven Blippi sounds and phrases. For ages 2 and up. Find it at Walmart, Target and Amazon. Available for $19.99.

Jazwares_Blippi Recycling Truck copy.png
madame alexanders sweet smiles.jpg

Madame Alexander Sweet Smiles is a delightful companion. This 14” doll has a molded head and limbs with a soft fabric body that’s ready for cuddling. With delicate features and bright sleep eyes, she is waiting for your child to put her to bed. Each doll wears a removable jersey knit dress with leggings and a headband or hat, and arrives with a bottle for nurturing play. For ages 2 and up. Available for $34.99 on

Fisher-Price_ Laugh & Learn Grow-the-Fun
mega bloks.jpeg

Your toddler is in for a block surprise with Mega Bloks Pull-Along Puppy and 15 big building blocks.  They can feed their puppy by placing the blocks in its mouth and then pull on the leash and take it for a walk to poop blocks. The blocks can be used to build directly on the puppy’s head, back and nose. For ages 1 and up. Available for $19.99 at Walmart and Target.

Kids can learn the joy of eating what they grow with the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Grow-The-Fun Garden to Kitchen. Toddlers can first plant and pick, then prep, plate and eat their home grown meals. Level one teaches about letters, shapes, colors and more. Level two prompts toddlers to explore and find objects. Level three encourages little ones to sing along as they play. It features more than 30 removable pieces and 125 songs, sounds, tunes and phrases. For ages 18 months and up. Available for $79.99.


The ultimate giant surprise egg, Rainbocorns Big Hair Surprise, comes with over 30 hair-mazing surprises including Big Hair Boo-Boocorns, colorful hair extensions, a giant hair clip, Pop & Swap heart gems and more. Three exclusive characters - Kittycorn, Toucancorn and Unicorn - each feature colorful, fun and wacky hairstyles and a sequin heart that reveals what your Rainbocorn loves. Ages 3 and up. Available for $49.99.

Summoned to life through alien radiation, 36 collectible Junkbots by Hexbug are waiting to be unearthed from their unique trash cans. In this ultimate unboxing experience, kids dig through junk to reveal hidden treasures and clues to build their own Junkbots. Mix and match pieces to customize totally new builds using the universal socket system. For ages 3 and up. The large dumpster pack is $19.99; the small dumpster assortment is $9.99; and $4.99 for the trash bin assortment. For more information, visit


Whatsitsface is a just-what-we-need-now collection of stuffed animals boasting six different facial expressions! Kids can turn the knob or flip the face to go from happy…to sad…to surprised…to angry…to laughing…to sound asleep. Available as Teddy Bear, Kitten or Puppy, the ingenious doll line was created by parents for parents to help kids have fun while improving their emotional intelligence. Educators are loving the concept too. Discover all three 8” plush pals at or Amazon.

Musical Llama.jpg
fisher price thomas and friends.jpeg
HEXBUG_HEXBUG Nanotopia.jpg

Assemble the ultimate nano Flash habitat with Nanotopia by Hexbug. With tons of snap-together track pieces and obstacles, there has never been a more vibrant play set to let the nanos loose in. The set comes with three newly designed nano Flash that move at twice the speed of regular nanos and light up when in motion. It includes three merry-go-round obstacles and four additional Hexbug nanos. For ages 3 and up. Available for $49.99. For more information, visit

Fisher-Price® Thomas & Friends™ Talking Thomas & Percy Train Set is a highly detailed playset featuring favorite places from the island of Sodor, including the Vicarstown Bridge, the Railyard, the Brendam docks and Blue Mountain. It also includes motorized Thomas and Percy train engines who recognize and talk to each other when they meet on the track. Young conductors can help Thomas and Percy work together by dropping boulders down in the Blue Mountain Cave. For ages 3 and up. Available for $49.99. For more information, visit

Get your jam on! Musical Lili Llama by Manhattan Toy is loaded with musical fun and activities: 4 spinners, 2 gears, 1 maraca tail, 5-bar xylophone, 1 set of notches/washboard for ratchet sound, 2 clacking saddle blankets and 2 mallets that store in Lili's head. The‚ whole thing is cute enough to leave sitting out for all to see. Now a Toy of the Year Finalist! Named one of the Best Toys from Toy Fair 2020 by the Good Housekeeping Institute. Among the Hottest Toys of 2020 that kids will flip for. For ages 12 mos. and up. Available for $50 on

Blume dolls are getting their very own pets with Skyrocket’s Blume Petal Pets. Each colorful flower magically “blumes” to reveal a collectible charm bracelet and pet hiding inside. Each Petal Pet’s outrageous hairstyle and unique charm design connects to a magical place within the World of Blume. Charms can be worn as a fashion accessory or as a leash for the pet. Find them at Walmart, Target and Amazon. For ages 3 and up. Available for $7.99. 

Skyrocket Toys_Blume Petal Pets.jpg
Copy of The Fresh Dolls.jpg

Now more than ever, parents are encouraging diversity through play and early childhood learning. The Fresh Dolls is a line of multicultural fashion dolls created by Dr. Lisa Williams, a top African American academic and publisher, to ensure that children of color can see their beauty and brilliance reflected back during playtime. Dr. Lisa designed each doll’s face sculpt, skin tone and hair texture to reflect authentic representation so multicultural children can grow up seeing their beauty from the start. For ages 3+. Available for $17.99 on

Kids reveal multiple layers of surprises with Barbie Color Reveal Slumber Party Fun by Mattel. In addition to a Color Reveal Barbie doll, a Color Reveal Chelsea doll and three Color Reveal pets, the set includes a long-haired wig, pajamas, sleeping bags, snacks, pet accessories and more to play out slumber party fun. For ages 3 and up. Available for $49.99.

Mattel_Barbie Color Reveal Slumber Party
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