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A New Normal

This summer has been unforgettable for me in so many ways. I’m not referring to shutdowns and meltdowns about masks, but rather all of the wonderful experiences that have been made possible through the extra time at home. I’ve been able to watch my girls grow up right before my eyes. Highlights include countless hours in the pool teaching my 4-year-old to swim and successfully potty-training my youngest. No more diapers!

Adapting to the new normal while wearing ladybug masks.

Each day, I choose to focus on beautiful moments instead of the scary or stressful ones. I record both of my daughters on video for a few seconds each day so I can look back at how much they’ve grownup during this time. I’m glad I can record them with my phone instead of the shoulder-mounted camcorder my dad had to wield when I was a kid! Spending so much time with my girls makes it easy to focus on the positive,as that’s what comes naturally to them. They don’t have to worry about work from home schedules, the stock market, or what school will look like in the fall. They also think it’s fun to wear their rainbow and ladybug masks when they go out and about.

This August issue begins our focus on back to school topics and bringing you the excellent independent schools and educational resources in our state. Whatever school looks like in the fall, we’re proud to share these resources with you as we all adjust to our new normal, whatever that may be in your part of the state.

These dedicated educators are working hard to create the best learning environment for students,so please consider them as you find the right educational fit for your family. Keep an eye out for our Educational Resource Guide that will be available in September,highlighting these schools, enrichment programs, field trips and special needs services.

Keep up the good work in making our state one of the best in managing Covid-19,and I hope to see venues and businesses continue to reopen. While events and outings are still limited, we have a growing list in this month’s Family Fun Calendar. I hope you find something of interest and make the most of the time with your family. Stay safe and I hope to see you out and about soon.

- Dan

Publisher & Editor


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