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CT Science Center Premieres New Exhibition

Today the Connecticut Science Center opened their new exhibition, Our Changing Earth, that aims to educate the public on the immediate and long-term impact of climate change. This new exhibit explores the science driving change throughout Earth's history and shows visitors what lies ahead in the future. From top to bottom, the exhibit is stunning, from a towering glacier display to a giant geodesic dome that takes you to the center of the earth.

There are marvels that will capture the attention of guests of all ages. The new exhibit gallery allows visitors to explore Connecticut's changing landscape, understand the Ice Age glaciation that once covered Connecticut, take an iconic journey to the center of the Earth, learn about historical flood heights, and consider the impacts of our changing climate. One of the most powerful exhibits allows visitors to experience hurricane force winds in the Hurricane Simulator. Visitors can step into the chamber feel the force and sounds of a powerful hurricane.

This new exhibit is well-worth the elevator ride up to the 6th floor of the science center for families and individuals, as well as educators and students looking for resources to support their work on the topic of climate change. For more information, please visit .


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