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Doctor's Visits During a Pandemic

By ProHealth Physicians

Your kids may have an appointment coming up, at their doctor's office or using telemedicine. Here are some kid-friendly ways to talk with them about seeing their doctor in a mask or over video.

Why Is My Doctor Wearing a Mask?

Doctors and nurses are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep us safe. One type of PPE, that everyone is using now, is a mask. Seeing a doctor in a mask can be scary for kids, especially since it hides their smile. But masks are important because viruses are contagious. That means they can easily spread from person to person, usually through a cough or sneeze.

Why Am I Talking to My Doctor on Video? 

Many kinds of medical problems can be taken care of with a telemedicine appointment, or virtual visit. These are done using secure video, so it's kept private. Parents can call the doctor's office to set up a day and time to meet with a pediatrician virtually on a computer, tablet or even a smartphone. They won’t have to wear their PPE for those visits because you'll be talking to them safely from home.

Whether you're taking your kids to the doctor for their annual exam or booking a sick visit using telemedicine, you can know you are getting the same great care, safely.

Visit for more information or call 1-855-CTMD-411 to book your first visit with a ProHealth pediatrician.

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