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My 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule

Since schools closed, there has been an increase of posts and tweets by parents who are documenting their work from home and homeschool experiences. We're talking about the cries for help over math problems that used to have simpler ways to get to the solutions, and the complaints about the new "co-worker" who asks a million questions about everything.

So, while the adults have social media to share these funny quips that will pop up in next year's On This Day Memories, how can kids document their own Covid-19 experience? 

Natalie Long from LONG Creations, and a mother of two, decided to create a fun, yet educational COVID-19 Time Capsule. This packet includes an 'all about me' worksheet, and worksheets about feelings, the community, special occasions and more.

Download the 11-page PDF here:

Print as many copies and work with your child to fill in the sheets. Enjoy! 

LONG Creations ( offers digital printable art for your home and kids.


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