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New Britannica Website for All Your Parenting Questions

Encyclopedia Britannica recently launched Britannica for Parents, a new site that aims to provide advice and guidance for parents of children of all ages.

The new site is divided into four sections to cover all stages of child development..

We’re living in a time when it’s nearly impossible to distinguish fact from fiction. The erosion of truth is most visible in social media and political news, but everyone—including families and children—are affected by misinformation and bias in the media and beyond. Parents need information that they can trust to help them make good decisions about how to raise their curious learners. They also need guidance in how to help their children navigate the digital landscape.

The site contains articles by different experts, activities, and tips to make everyday life more fun and interesting. Britannica for Parents is organized by the difference aspects and stages of child development: ● Curious Learners offers everything from advice on how to advance listening skills to how to talk to your kids about diversity, to what COVID-19 means for your family. ● Tech Savvy Family focuses on how to balance screen time and what apps and games to use to make screen time a valuable experience.   ● The Power of Play arms parents with activity ideas, as well as recommendations for toys that teach ● Raising a Human provides parenting advice on current trends like how to get your child to wear a mask to more traditional topics like recycling and books for bedtime

How Your Child Grows There is also a special effort to include urgent and valuable information about the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

See the resource for yourself at Britannica for Parents.


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