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Stuff We Love

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The word "stuff" can be a substitute for any word. That's why we are calling this new column, "Stuff We Love." Each month we will share books, toys, activities, clothing, accessories, and more products that we love, and that we also think you will love! Here are our favorites for October:

Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar by Look Guitars

The ideal first guitar. Designed to make it fun, easy and stimulating for kids to play music. The Loog Mini guitar comes with flashcards that teach you how to form chords and an app that gets you play-ing songs on day one!

Editor’s Note: Beautifully crafted and well-made! This is an instrument, not a toy, but it wonʼt bust the family budget.

Where to Buy:

Paperclip Jojo Changing Bag by Paperclip

Paperclip bags are stylish and innovative diaper bags that feature an integrated changing station, giving mom and

dad a reliable place to change the baby no matter where they are.

Editor's Note: Stylish and functional! You'll wonder how you got by with your old diaper bag. This is a real game-changer for moms and dads.

Where to buy:

3-in-1 Globe Constellation Night Light by USA Toyz

3-in-1 Globe + Constellation Map + Night Light, including an illustrated star booklet. States and nations are presented in great detail, and stars come alive at the flick of a switch.

Editor's Note: We love every aspect of this sturdy item. Finely detailed, providing a beautiful display - day and night.

Where to buy:

You're My Little Baby by Eric Carle

This interactive touch-and-feel board book features parents throughout the animal kingdom doting on their little babies. This sweet rhyming novelty are loved.

Editor's Note: Little hands will love experiencing each pare with different textures and flaps to life over and over again.

Where to buy:


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