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Stuff We Love

The word "stuff" can be a substitute for any word. That's why we are calling this new column, "Stuff We Love." Each month we will share books, toys, activities, clothing, accessories, and more products that we love, and that we also think you will love! Here are our favorites for December:

The Flintstones: The Complete Series

from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Fans of all ages will crack up at the misadventures of the Flintstones and Rubbles, who consistently find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. So, grab a Bronto Burger and a Cactus Coola, and settle in!

Editor’s Note: There's no better family to quarantine with than the Flintstones. They'll help pass the time with 166 episodes of the classic cartoon.

Where to Buy:

Mario Kart Slot Cars

by Carrera

Carrera Slot Cars feature your Mario Kart favorites, from Mario and Luigi to Yoshi and Peach. Just in time for the holidays, families can come together and build their own tracks and race each other at high speeds.

Editor’s Note: Another great way to have fun while stuck inside. Countless hours of Mario Kart excitement and competition for the whole family.

Where to buy:

Dear Santa Documentary

by IFC Films

Dear Santa shines a light on the 100-year-old 'Operation Santa' Program of the United States Postal Service. Each year, hundreds of thousands of letters to Santa arrive at Post Offices around the country. Through Operation Santa, the United States Postal Service makes is possible for the public to sagely adopt these letters and make children's dreams come true.

Editor's Note: Dear Santa is a beautiful film that highlights a wonderful program of the USPS that most people have never heard of. 'Operation Santa' makes wishes come true for thousands of children each year. This film is a perfect reminder of what the holidays are all about and how each of us has the ability to add some much needed joy to this holiday season.

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