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Spend your summer outdoors and discover the wonders of the sea during summer camp with Project Oceanology. Project Oceanology offers hands-on, brains-on marine science programs for campers entering grades 5-12. Both day and overnight options are available. Overnight campers will spend their week in our waterfront hostel.
Project Oceanology is located on the pristine Connecticut shoreline with access to a wide variety of coastal environments including salt marshes, rocky intertidal zones, a variety of beaches, and Long Island Sound. Each day of camp consists of ample time outdoors in outdoor classroom spaces, the shore and aboard our boats.

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2021 Programs:


Ocean Camp

Duration: 1 week overnight camp (Sunday - Friday)

Grades: Entering grades 6 - 12


Cruise the waters of Long Island Sound as you make new friends, conduct ocean science research, and have fun! Everyday campers will climb aboard our boats, whether on our research vessel, the Envirolab, to deploy the trawl net, or on our small boats to explore local salt marshes and sandy beaches. Campers will also study and investigate rocky intertidal zones and nearshore marine life. Under the guidance of professional marine scientists, campers will use oceanographic research equipment such as sediment corers, salinity meters, nutrient test kits, dissolved oxygen meters, otter trawls, and seine nets. Team-building and leadership activities will be woven into daily life as you forge lifelong friendships with your fellow campers and explore Long Island Sound!

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Marine Science Research Experience
Duration: 1 week overnight camp
(Sunday - Friday)
Grades: Entering grades 7 - 12

Marine Science Research Camp is a unique opportunity for students to participate in authentic science by designing and conducting their own independent research projects. Under the mentorship of professional marine scientists, students will learn how to use a wide range of oceanographic research equipment 

and techniques aboard boats, on the shore, and in our waterfront marine laboratories. Students and staff in this program become a close-knit community of scientists and forge lifelong connections as they design, conduct, and troubleshoot their experiments, analyze and communicate their results, and live together in our waterfront hostel. At the end of the program, students will present their findings in a poster presentation or symposium to their families, mentors, and peers.

Ocean Explorer Academy

Duration: 1 week day camp (Monday - Friday)
Time: 8:30am - 4:00pm

Grades: Entering grades 5 - 7

Embark on a scientific adventure as you explore Long Island Sound’s rocky shores, salt marshes, barrier beaches, and more! Discover the vital role habitats play in our coastal ecosystems by using scientific instruments such as trawl nets, seine nets, plankton nets, and water chemistry kits. Back at Project Oceanology, we’ll reinforce what we have learned through games, art projects, and scientific experiments. On Friday, the last day of camp, families are invited to come out aboard the R/V EnviroLab for an afternoon cruise so that their campers can share the knowledge and skills they have gained.

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Undersea Technology Camp
Duration: 1 week day camp (Monday - Friday)
Time: 8:30am - 4:00pm
Grades: Entering grades 6 - 12

Dive into the technology of ocean exploration! Investigate the brackish environment of Long Island Sound using marine technology to collect samples of plankton and algae, map the ocean floor, track currents, measure temperature and salinity at depth, and locate objects hidden beneath the waves. Campers will collaborate to design and build SeaPerch ROVs. Teams will tackle daily challenges related to real-world marine engineering problems. Navigate through an ROV obstacle course, clean up a simulated polluted waterway, observe bottom - dwelling organisms and more at SeaTech camp!

Project Oceanology is looking forward to a safe and fun Summer Camp season. We remain prepared to address the changes that may be required in response to the continuing pandemic.

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